Thursday, July 19, 2007


i got tagged by my sister-in-law, jackie, to tell you all a little more about myself. here it is...

places I've worked
1-fidelity title - provo, utah
2-various custodial jobs on BYU campus (all at the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night)
3-park's sportsman- orem, utah
4-newbold cleaner's - sacramento, ca (totally a sweatshop)

movies I can watch over and over
1-lord of the rings (the extended versions - love them all!)
2-ground hogs day
3-pride and prejudice (both of them are just fabulous)

places I've lived
1-sacramento, ca
2-provo, ut
3-provo, ut
4-and provo, ut

favorite tv shows
1-so you think you can dance?
2-american idol
3-everybody loves raymond

places I've been

favorite foods
1-BYU creamery cookies n cream ice cream (they have big huge cookies chunks!)
2-chili's chicken enchilada soup
3-spinach salad with feta cheese, pine nuts and good season's italian dressing (thanks janaya :)
4-grilled steak

majors I've considered
3-dance (i graduated in music/dance/theater, but i thought about doing JUST dance)

places I'd rather be
1-santa cruz, ca on the beach with my fam
2-new york city
4-silver lake, wa at my in-laws house

friends i would like to tag (meaning: it's your turn to fill in the blanks)
if you're reading this, you've been tagged! come on people, let's see it! :)


Kadi said...

It was fun to learn a little more about you! I wanted to leave a comment because no one has commented on mine and I'm starting to feel bad about it and I don't want you to feel like that. You're awesome!

Summer Adams said...

That was fun! Your fav foods are making my mouth water.

Jessica said...

We didn't end up making it up to provo for the freedom run. We were in little ole Fillmore. I will be up again in a month. Maybe we can get together then.

Lizzie said...

Hello! It's Lizzie (of Lizzie and Colin fame..or not fame, exactly), and i'm glad i found your blog! Your little boys are so cute, by the way--sorry to hear about the flu, but at least it eventually runs its course.

Ben and Keenan said...

Thanks for sharing - I love reading about people and what they are passionate about. Sorry to hear about the flu. Take care.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ben! You are awesome.

See ya - Keenan