Thursday, May 29, 2008

i think i'm losing my mind...

does anybody else scream at their children at the absolute top of their lungs occasionally? or all the time? maybe i'm PMSing or something. here's what happened at lunch today:

i throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and go do something else while it's popping.

joel climbs onto a stool to watch the popcorn pop and opens the microwave door half-way through the popping process.

me: (screaming as loud as i possibly can, mind you) "what in the world are you doing?!! don't ever, ever touch the microwave!! you just ruined this bag of popcorn!!! (insert more shouted ramblings here) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" (and i seriously just clenched my fists down at my sides and hollered "ah" as ear shatteringly as i could)

joel: he looks at me bewildered for a couple seconds and then says, "it's okay mom."

wise words indeed from a 3-year-old.

all this over a bag of popcorn that probably cost 50 cents. just tell me i'm not the devil, please.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the joy of pictures

a couple of months ago, our boys wiped a bunch of stuff on our computer clean somehow. i sat down to our trusty iMAC one afternoon and all of our programs were missing EVERYTHING... no songs in itunes, no favorites on my firefox window, NO PICTURES IN IPHOTO. i seriously cried. we're talking a couple thousand pictures documenting our lives for the last few years. so tragic.

yesterday i was trying to find something on our hard drive and... low and behold, there were all of our missing pictures. hiding safely in the shared folder. they had somehow been erased from iphoto, but not completely from our computer.

i cried again.

so i spent all afternoon yesterday going through all of our pictures that i had mourned so tragically. pictures are so awesome. i had to share a couple of baby pictures of my precious boys.

this is joel at about 7 months... how can anyone resist that huge, "charlie brown" noggin with those enormous, twinkling brown eyes?! you can't, i tell you. :)

this is kadin at about 2 months... have you ever seen such darling squeezable jowels? i think not! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008


yep, i'm freaking out. i started potty training joel today. i have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm doing it anyway.

he's running around naked right now... well, he actually has a shirt on, but no pants. i've heard that's the best crash course and usually really successful. he's sat on the potty a few times today already, but no action yet. i'll keep you posted... hopefully, with good news.


so today it went... okay. he had a couple of accidents, which i'm sure is totally normal for the first day. by the end of the day, he had gone pee in his potty at least 10 times, so i think he's getting the hang of it. i think he's scared to have an accident, though, so he spends long stretches of time sitting on his potty and wants me or ben to sit there with him. i seriously spent several cumulative hours sitting on a stool next to him, while he read and i read and he waited and i waited. i kept asking him if he wanted a break, but he wouldn't get up until he had gone. sweet kid. the first time he went in the potty, he was so excited. he started laughing and smiling immediately and said, "i get M&Ms!" all in all, a successful day, but we are totally EXHAUSTED!