Thursday, May 31, 2007

a fun little blog game

a friend of mine did this blog game and i decided to try it. the answers for my name were pretty funny... well, sad, but funny. here's how you play. you google your name with needs after it. so I googled "whitney needs" and this is what I came up with. one thing is for sure... whitney houston has some serious problems. i especially love number six. :)

1. whitney needs jesus!
2. whitney needs some help now!
3. whitney needs to clean up before her voice crumbles
4. whitney needs a public intervention
5. whitney needs a family that will continue to support her in getting her education and becoming a successful adult
6. w
hitney needs to "learn to love herself, that would be the greatest love of all"
7. whitney needs to get off the drug
8. whitney needs to stop being lazy
9. whitney needs to smell the coffee and leave the crack alone
10. whitney needs your prayers please!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

go ahead, have a little chuckle

ikea is opening next week here in utah, and in my excitement, i was perusing their website and found something that tickled my funny bone. so, click here for a good laugh. the orange and white window is a gem. i almost peed my pants.

Monday, May 14, 2007

some tidbits

when ben came into the boys room this morning, he found kadin swamped with toys and books in his crib. joel had thrown them all in so kadin would have something to play with until ben came and got him out. very sweet of joel, but kadin didn't enjoy it very much, as you can see by his unsuccessful plight to exit the crib. on saturday when joel was supposed to be taking his nap, he climbed out of his pack-n-play and knocked the dresser on top of himself. he must have pulled the drawers out and tried to climb up the side of the dresser. ben and i heard a huge crash and then a bloodcurdling scream. we ran into the room and joel was standing to the side of the dresser, which was toppled over and leaning against the edge of our bed, and joel was crying his eyes out. he got a pretty wicked goose egg on his forehead and a huge scratch down his face. luckily, it missed his eye and it wasn't very deep, so he didn't need any stiches and it didn't even bleed that much. mostly, it just scared him to death. i don't think he'll do that again. :) doesn't he look awesome, though. :) i swear, it's one thing after the next with my boys. they always have some sort of scrape or wound. i guess that's the life of a boy, though.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the art of eating

kadin has been the most awful eater lately. i think it's because he wants to feed himself, but being the clean, control freak that i am, i just can't let him do it. so, ben and i finally came up with a solution. i put the food on the spoon or fork while kadin

holds it in his hand and i help him guide it to his mouth. once the utensil is safely in his mouth, i let go, and let him pull it out of his mouth or play around with it, etc...and he's totally none the wiser. :) here's some shots of our new professional eater.
i especially love the last one. i think it's so funny when kids are first learning to use a spoon and they put their food on the spoon with their hands and then, put the spoon in their mouth while their hand is keeping the food on the spoon. so silly. :)

"mmmmmm... delicious!" if you enlarge this photo, you'll notice that kadin is eating none other than... yogurt. yes, i must admit that basically all kadin will eat is yogurt and i indulge him.

"you're such a gourmet, mom! snot and yogurt are my favorite!"

totally concentrated. eating is serious stuff.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

my little american idol

okay, so he hasn't reached american idol status yet, but joel has really started to love to sing lately. this is a clip of him and me singing his favorite sandra boynton book, "snuggle puppy." i think it's so precious at the end how he sings, "i love you.. daddy!" daddy is not part of the song, but he decided to add that in.