Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the art of eating

kadin has been the most awful eater lately. i think it's because he wants to feed himself, but being the clean, control freak that i am, i just can't let him do it. so, ben and i finally came up with a solution. i put the food on the spoon or fork while kadin

holds it in his hand and i help him guide it to his mouth. once the utensil is safely in his mouth, i let go, and let him pull it out of his mouth or play around with it, etc...and he's totally none the wiser. :) here's some shots of our new professional eater.
i especially love the last one. i think it's so funny when kids are first learning to use a spoon and they put their food on the spoon with their hands and then, put the spoon in their mouth while their hand is keeping the food on the spoon. so silly. :)

"mmmmmm... delicious!" if you enlarge this photo, you'll notice that kadin is eating none other than... yogurt. yes, i must admit that basically all kadin will eat is yogurt and i indulge him.

"you're such a gourmet, mom! snot and yogurt are my favorite!"

totally concentrated. eating is serious stuff.


Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

that is so funny. I love the last one, he looks soooo concentrated. He looks like ben. I also love the one of him holding up his sippy cup like, hello mom, I need a refill!!

Jackie said...

Eating is not for the weak!

Gotta love that kid--so adorable!

Summer Adams said...

aaah, that's great. i know...brooklyn totally wants to feed herself and i hate letting her cuz it's so darn messy. i guess i'm a little uptight and should just let her learn and have fun???? i'm in your boat girl!

Jessica said...

At least he will still let you help him a little. Just wait until he wants to do it all on his own. So cute. I love the concentrated picture.

Jillian said...

that kid and his yogurt. what a cutie-pie!