Thursday, March 13, 2008

a little word from the not-so-wise

lest you think your sweet toddler is snoozing away like the little angel you think he is, i would recommend checking on him.... RIGHT NOW! or you might find this:

better yet, i advise us all to invest in video baby monitors. yes my friends, that is none other than desitin...

i didn't take a picture of joel because he was freaking out and beside himself, but, yes, he was covered in the desitin as well... in his hair, on his face, covering his shirt, all up and down his legs, under his fingernails, etc. don't worry, joel is still alive... i didn't strangle him or anything, although i did call ben and tell him he better get home from work soon before i DID. i just put all my rage into scrubbing and cleaning that greasy, thick, nasty stuff. thanks to ben, everything is spic and span again and there's not a stain to be found on any of joel's sheets, blankets or clothes, although ben has some nasty open wounds on his knuckles from all the scrubbing. and most importantly, joel is perfectly fine... he didn't eat it, thankfully, and he seems to be recovering emotionally from witnessing a very angry mom. :)