Sunday, May 31, 2009

trip to washington

ben had a conference in portland for work a couple weeks ago, so we all got to tag along in our new mini-van. kadi just had a baby, so we were so stoked to see the new little guy and visit with his family. here's a few pics from the visit... sadly, we didn't get any of baby tyler. :(

this is the view of silver lake and mount st. helens from the porch of ben's parents house. so ugly, right?

boating on silver lake.

this is the assumed position of joel and carter when on the boat.

big joel.

how cute are these boys?

Friday, May 29, 2009

stencil tutorial link

several of you asked how i did the stencil projects. click here for the tutorial i used. super easy. if i can do it..... ANYONE can. :) you can download the stencil for the bird on the tutorial. the owl stencil i kind of just made up myself from a clip-art picture i found online. happy stenciling!

one more stencil...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

look what i created!

i'm not the most confident crafter but i was so excited about these things.

bird stencil...

i copied the idea for these tree cards off of a card making blog, but i just think they are so gorgeous...

i didn't steal the idea for this one... :)
and here's me modeling my first successfully hemmed pair of pants... yay! i can sew!