Saturday, February 24, 2007

5 things you don't know about me (and probably don't want to)

so, since i started this little blog about three weeks ago and i still haven't really posted anything, i decided to start off my blogging career by answering my friend, janaya's, challenge to share 5 things about myself that might not be common knowledge. i have seriously thought about this all day long, and i have had a hard time coming up with things that no one would know. i guess my life is just an open book, but here goes...

1. i love really cheesy movies. well, i don't love all cheesy movies, but some of my favorites happen to be really cheesy. like the movie "airborne" - where this hot kid from california moves to cincinatti to live with his aunt, uncle and really dorky cousin, wiley, and learns the meaning of life and love by rollerblading all over town. totally oscar material. one of my family's favs. another one is "high school musical." i would highly recommend this one and even though i've only seen it once, it's destined to be watched again and again. some other greats are "newsies" (christian bale at his finest) and "rad," that 80s bmx bicycling movie that you forgot about - yeah, totally "rad."

2. i am a yoga freak. i guess janaya already knows this, but she probably doesn't understand the extent. i do yoga seriously all the time. i do it for like a half an hour every day after i run, then i do it at my gym a couple times a week and i also like to just whip into random poses all day long while i'm playing around with my kids on the floor. i just can't get enough of it!

3. i have a terrible habit of buying clothes without telling my husband. its easier to say i'm sorry than to ask permission, right? no, i'm totally kidding. ben doesn't really care that i buy lots of clothes, but i do. it's like this obsession that i can't avoid. i see something i like and i just have to have it, and the fact that we have like $3.16 in our bank account doesn't matter. i'm not really as bad as i'm making myself sound. we're not in debt or anything because of this, but i have definitely made some poor purchasing decisions when the money could have been better used, and all because i couldn't resist that t-shirt that looks almost exactly like the one already in my closet.

4. i love giving birth to babies. yeah, i know, i'm a freak. it's probably the most painful experience that a woman can go through and it's my favorite thing about the whole process of having kids. i think part of the reason i love giving birth so much is because it means i don't have to be pregnant anymore. i'm sure everyone i know well knows that i hate being pregnant. i'm a really bad complainer when i'm pregnant. i also love getting an epidural. it's the most amazing feeling to be in so much pain and then it all just kind of melts away and you can just lie there and sleep while you are in hard labor. doesn't that sound so cool? if you are soon to be having a child and haven't decided whether or not you're going to get an epidural, DO IT! you'll be glad you did. the best thing, though, about having a baby is that's it just wonderful. it's the first moment these amazing little people come into your lives. and you're like, "oh, it's you! i've been waiting 9 months, no, my whole life to meet you and you're here now." and they are so precious and sweet and they are all yours. i love driving by the hospitals where i gave birth to my boys and remembering that.

5. my husband just suggested i share this since i couldn't think of anything else. i'm not sure if this is very smart to tell other people for fear of being alienated, but i have these red bumps all over my butt that i've had ever since high school and i can't get them to go away. i think i got them from sitting in the desks in my cheerleading skirt. i basically sat in old, wooden chairs for hours at a time in my underwear. it must have been too much for my sensitive little bum to handle and it has never been able to get over it.

so, hopefully whoever reads this will still be my friend, but it has been fun anyway.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007