Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"california here i come, right back where i started from..."

i apologize for my nonexistence among my blogging friends lately. my life had been crazy and my computer is in the same room where joel takes naps, so..... the day has finally arrived... we are leaving provo tomorrow morning and moving to california. i'm so ecstatic, i can hardly contain myself. at the same time, i'm surprisingly sad. i've spent many of my years in utah counting down the time when i would get to leave and now i don't want to... well, i'm all too ready to move on and have a real job, but there are so many wonderful things in utah that i'm just crushed to part with. my dear sister morgan, her silly husband, nate, and their darling son, asher... my beautiful sisters, ashley and jillian... my hilarious and fun brother and sister-in-law, doug and jackie... all our wonderful, close friends that we have grown to love over the years... the beautiful mountains... the hills that i've taken my morning run on so many times... BYU... our wonderful ward that we've been in for almost 5 years... all of our extended family that lives here, especially the mcneils, who have been so loving and generous... and on and on and on... what a wonderful place to live! but on to california and the next chapter in our lives. give us a call next time anybody is in the bay area! signing off in utah... catch ya on the flip side.