Sunday, November 18, 2007

and we're back...

we're finally getting settled from the craziness that we have called life for the last 3 months. i LOVE living in california, ben LOVES his new job and the boys LOVE their toys that they haven't seen for awhile, so we are happy all around. we got our internet up this week, so hopefully i'll be able to post a little more regularly and keep up with everyone else's blogs, too. okay, so here are some pictures of our lives for the last 3 months... pretty much, a LOT of pictures.

the mcneil's house

a shout out to our uncle dane, aunt marianne and their kids for putting up with us in their home for almost 2 WHOLE MONTHS! crazy, i know. but they are angels. here's some shots while we were staying with them.

this is from one of our play dates at summer crosby adam's house. her little girl's name is brooklyn. isn't she darling?!

jilly pooh's birthday

wow, my beautiful sister, jillian, is 20. i'm getting old.

joel's third birthday

could this kid be any cuter?

cnady, candy, candy

here we are at the halloween festivities for our new ward. so, i'm sure this isn't a novelty, but my kids LOVE candy.

oh, and i HAD to throw this one in. here's kadin a couple days later enjoying his halloween candy after a spaghetti dinner at uncle jed and aunt laurel's house. a shout out to jed and laurel mcneil for letting us crash at their house for a couple weeks while we looked for our own place!

at the new place

and last, here's some pictures of us at our new apartment. i'll post some more pictures of our place after we get it painted and looking cute.

also, i'd like to give a big shout out to my grandma lenie and my parents. my grandma kindly donated her leather couch to our empty home. there's nothing like free furniture, especially when it's actually nice. my parents brought the couch down to us last weekend and spent their time here helping us put our apartment together. my dad and ben spent saturday building shelves in our outside storage closet. all i can say is my dad is awesome. he just buys some wood and whips something up and it's amazing. hats off to my genius dad! my mom and i spent the day shopping for odds and ends like curtains, rugs, throw pillows, chairs, etc. hats off to my genius mom for her good taste and decorating expertise! love you guys!