Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh, to be a stay-at-home mom...I mean dad

Whitney is in Washington D.C. with her mother and 5 sisters, so I took today and Thursday and Friday off of work to be with my boys...and because we can't really afford to have someone else take care of our kids during three entire work days.

After a day (which, let's be honest here, is not sufficient to really make any conclusions), I could totally do this. I mean, be a stay-at-home dad. I woke up, had breakfast with my boys, got everyone to their preschools on time, fed some lunch, played some old-school supermario brothers and some other non-video games like wrestling and playing "monster," and designed and constructed pretty much the most awesomest train track ever built (Whitney recently bought a ton of tracks cheap from the internet).

Now we're going to eat dinner at Denny's, not because I don't want to make dinner (I totally know that's what you were all thinking), but because that's our tradition every time mommy goes away for a couple of days, just on the first night that she leaves.

Can anyone match the fatty goodness of a choose-your-own-grand-slam meal complete with bacon and sausage? I think NOT!

I'm sure the whole stay-at-home thing gets really old really fast, and it can be way harder lots of the time, but, Oh, what a pleasant day this has been :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

a tisket a tasket....

three dudes in a basket.

and if you wouldn't mind.... i'm a finalist in a giveaway for a photo session by this girl. click here to vote for me. just leave a comment with the word "whitney." thanks!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baby legs. not legwarmers.

so ya, technically they are legwarmers, but the "legwarmers" i purchased are called "baby legs" and oliver IS a baby. the word baby does not imply a specific gender, does it ben?

i have 2 reasons for putting baby legs on my kid:

1. if you hadn't noticed, oliver is a bit rotund. :) i still have yet to find a pair of pants that button around his chubby tummy. i'm serious. i got out a pair of joel and kadin's old size 2T jeans (oliver is only 13 months old), complete with an adjustable waist of course, and even though they are 5 inches too long on oliver, they are too small in the belly. solution: a cute onesie and baby legs!!

2. i just like them. i think they are darling. and i think they are especially darling on oliver... my precious, chubby dude. i mean how can you resist this kid?

i'm 100% positive that ben has NEVER purchased one single item of clothing for any of our children. so i offered to let him take over this job and then i would let him have his way in the "legwarmer" debate. i thought that was fair. he decided not to take me up on that offer. and why would he? he doesn't care what our kids wear... other than baby legs, of course. and i LOVE to buy clothes for our kids. for me, it's one of the many perks about being a mom.

so thanks for all your input... all your positive reinforcement, and even for all your "NOT OKs" :) but this girl is stickin' to her guns. and ben has consented. thanks babe! you can pick out our next kid's name.

Monday, March 8, 2010

thank you uncle sam

we got a pretty good chunk of money from our tax return this year (those child credits are fantastic... hmmmm, maybe we should just keep having kids). so mr. fedex dropped this off at our house today:

ben was so beside himself with delight, he left work early (hopefully his boss doesn't read this). this thing is ginormous. 27 inches. of computer. it seriously cracks me up. its bigger than our old-school tube television. i guess we don't need our tv anymore... at least until we spring for a big flat screen with next years tax return.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the minds of children

so i promise to post a follow up on the heated "legwarmer" debate :) but i had the cutest conversation with joel and kadin the other day and i wanted to write it down before i forgot it.

ben was in virginia over the weekend, so patrick kindly agreed to watch my kids (play wii with them) while lindsay and i went running with the girls on saturday morning. here's what we said on the drive to the primary activity 10 minutes after i picked them up from the young's house:

me: so did you guys have fun playing the wii with patrick?
joel and kadin: ya
kadin: mom, why is baby cooper gone?
me: well, he had to go home to live with heavenly father and jesus.
kadin: he's not at his house?
me: nope :(
kadin: but he's at the hospital, right?
me: well, he went to the hospital because he got sick but then he died and he went to heaven.
joel: but how did baby cooper get to heaven?
me: that's a good question, i don't know. maybe he floated up to heaven. what do you think?
joel: oh, oh, i know mom! i think Jesus has magic.
me: you know joel, i think you're totally right... i think Jesus IS magic.

almost every time i talk with my kids about cooper, its inevitable that i end up in tears. but there's something about their sweet, innocent perspectives that brings me peace and comfort.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Legwarmers? For boys? Really?

This is Ben again.

So, I walked out of our room after putting some clothes away today and what to my wandering eyes should appear? My legwarmers.

I inquired of Whitney whether or not this was some kind of joke. Maybe she was just putting them on him for giggles (remember the tutu post).

But no, my wife, bless her soul, actually bought the legwarmers with the idea that outfitting our little boy with these travesties-of-fashion-design-borne-from-the-80s are actually completely normal and ok for a little boy to wear.

Well, Whitney, I have two words for you: NOT OK.

Not even close.

Just to prove my point further I did a bit of image searching on Google. I searched for every conceivable phrase involving the words "legwarmers" and "men" or "boys" or even "babies." I DARE anyone reading this to find more than 3 or 4 photos of men, boys, or even baby boys that are actually wearing legwarmers. Most likely what you will all find are photos like this:

I couldn't even find a photo of Richard Simmons in all.

This being said, it's time for all the people reading this to give their answer: Legwarmers for little boys - fashion victory or fashion faux pas?

Women, get your husbands involved. We don't want biased results now do we!