Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baby legs. not legwarmers.

so ya, technically they are legwarmers, but the "legwarmers" i purchased are called "baby legs" and oliver IS a baby. the word baby does not imply a specific gender, does it ben?

i have 2 reasons for putting baby legs on my kid:

1. if you hadn't noticed, oliver is a bit rotund. :) i still have yet to find a pair of pants that button around his chubby tummy. i'm serious. i got out a pair of joel and kadin's old size 2T jeans (oliver is only 13 months old), complete with an adjustable waist of course, and even though they are 5 inches too long on oliver, they are too small in the belly. solution: a cute onesie and baby legs!!

2. i just like them. i think they are darling. and i think they are especially darling on oliver... my precious, chubby dude. i mean how can you resist this kid?

i'm 100% positive that ben has NEVER purchased one single item of clothing for any of our children. so i offered to let him take over this job and then i would let him have his way in the "legwarmer" debate. i thought that was fair. he decided not to take me up on that offer. and why would he? he doesn't care what our kids wear... other than baby legs, of course. and i LOVE to buy clothes for our kids. for me, it's one of the many perks about being a mom.

so thanks for all your input... all your positive reinforcement, and even for all your "NOT OKs" :) but this girl is stickin' to her guns. and ben has consented. thanks babe! you can pick out our next kid's name.


Molly said...

Yay!! Way to stand your ground.

Molly said...

Oh, and because Graham wears bulky cloth diapers, pants don't fit on him either. And when we get them a size bigger, they end up riding up to his chest and he looks like an old man. Bleh.

Emily said...

We do cloth diapers too, but my kids have teeny, tiny tushies, so the cloth diapers actually help the clothes fit better. Now that C is completely potty trained, her 2T pants are all the right length, but WAY too big in the belly, and the 18 month stuff is 2 inches too short, and still constantly falls down around her non-existent hips. :)

On the other hand, at least one of my boys has some of those chunky jeans... he's already outgrowing some 6-12 months stuff and he's not even 6 months yet. :)

sean said...

Seriously, the legwarmers are pretty gay. Since ben has shown his womanly side and you have stated that you are sticking to his guns I do wish that you'd complete the outfit. Of course I am talking about a sweet headband with matching wristbands with Flash Dance or Dirty Dancing consistently streaming in the background. If not that I'd settle for a fake afro and a Richard Simons outfit.

Laura said...

I bought the same thing!!! And I've totally used them on Gabe. Gabe is bigger than my other babies but not quite Oliver's size but I'm with you... I LOVE them! They're so cute. So, when Gabe is practicing his crawling, I put those on if he's just hanging out his onesie! Love them :)

Anonymous said...

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rachel demartin said...

k...that last post from anonymous is a freaky post. just found out we are having a boy and am checking in with you cause i remember from college, your two little boys were dressed so super cute. after two girls feeling a little unsure. when you have a min, can you tell me where to shop, do's/don'ts...and i think the leg socks look cute. keep up the good work, mom.