Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the minds of children

so i promise to post a follow up on the heated "legwarmer" debate :) but i had the cutest conversation with joel and kadin the other day and i wanted to write it down before i forgot it.

ben was in virginia over the weekend, so patrick kindly agreed to watch my kids (play wii with them) while lindsay and i went running with the girls on saturday morning. here's what we said on the drive to the primary activity 10 minutes after i picked them up from the young's house:

me: so did you guys have fun playing the wii with patrick?
joel and kadin: ya
kadin: mom, why is baby cooper gone?
me: well, he had to go home to live with heavenly father and jesus.
kadin: he's not at his house?
me: nope :(
kadin: but he's at the hospital, right?
me: well, he went to the hospital because he got sick but then he died and he went to heaven.
joel: but how did baby cooper get to heaven?
me: that's a good question, i don't know. maybe he floated up to heaven. what do you think?
joel: oh, oh, i know mom! i think Jesus has magic.
me: you know joel, i think you're totally right... i think Jesus IS magic.

almost every time i talk with my kids about cooper, its inevitable that i end up in tears. but there's something about their sweet, innocent perspectives that brings me peace and comfort.


Morgan said...

how sweet is that? kids are amazing. i guess that's why we are supposed to be more like them! ;)

Kim said...

The other day, when your boys were playing at our house, Joel was telling Ryan all about playing the Wii at Cooper's house. It started a really cute conversation between the two all about Cooper. It was pretty cute, too. I should have written it down like you did:).

Michal Thompson said...

why is it that they hold theirselves together so well and we can't? I do the same thing with my kids about our friend's little girl. I tear up and they comfort me!!

Jackie said...

What sweet boys. Love those guys.

Lisette said...

What a sweetheart! They are profound at times aren't they? So special. Your friend's story is heart-wrenching to read...and I don't even know her. Tonight, I am more than grateful that my two little ones are still here.

Jen said...

I'll have to blog about a comment on the same subject that I had with Luke. . . kids have the best perspective.

Jen said...

I'll have to blog about a comment on the same subject that I had with Luke. . . kids have the best perspective.

Charla and Jarom said...

That is very sweet. I was in tears reading your blog and your friend's blog. It put a whole new perspective on life for me, thank you. Do you mind if I ask what he got sick with that took his life so quickly?

Lindsay said...

I love it! Your boys are such sweethearts and I love that they still talk about Cooper!