Friday, May 29, 2009

stencil tutorial link

several of you asked how i did the stencil projects. click here for the tutorial i used. super easy. if i can do it..... ANYONE can. :) you can download the stencil for the bird on the tutorial. the owl stencil i kind of just made up myself from a clip-art picture i found online. happy stenciling!


Alys and Sean said...

That does not seem to hard at all. I will have to experiment when I find out if we are having a little Sean or Alys.
Sean has actually tried making t-shirts before, but he used contact paper and spray paint. It didn't turn out as clear. I will have to show him this. I bet he will get really excited and want to go buy some shirts.

Mark, Jenny and Sweet G said...

i want to stencil that owl on my wall! or maybe on a pillow? something though, something's adorable.

you should definitely move back to sac so we can play more than once a year!

The Richardsons said...

Don't try to act like you're not talented- I've seen your work and you're amazing! those onesies are adorable!