Thursday, May 31, 2007

a fun little blog game

a friend of mine did this blog game and i decided to try it. the answers for my name were pretty funny... well, sad, but funny. here's how you play. you google your name with needs after it. so I googled "whitney needs" and this is what I came up with. one thing is for sure... whitney houston has some serious problems. i especially love number six. :)

1. whitney needs jesus!
2. whitney needs some help now!
3. whitney needs to clean up before her voice crumbles
4. whitney needs a public intervention
5. whitney needs a family that will continue to support her in getting her education and becoming a successful adult
6. w
hitney needs to "learn to love herself, that would be the greatest love of all"
7. whitney needs to get off the drug
8. whitney needs to stop being lazy
9. whitney needs to smell the coffee and leave the crack alone
10. whitney needs your prayers please!


Jackie said...

I'd love to schedule a number 4 for you, Whit. Who else is with me?!?!?!

janaya said...

sadly, i only think this works if you have a normal name (janaya just wasn't workin)... and it's particularly funny if you have a name like: whitney, bobby, britney, lindsay, rosie, paris... you get my drift.

and i always say you need to smell the coffee and leave the crack alone... how weird is that!? ;) haha.

Jackie said...

Dang--you're right, Janaya. "Jackie needs" didn't work that well either. The only two gems I found are:
1. "Jackie needs tiles."
2. "Jackie needs a woman who is going to love her and be committed to a relationship."

So there you go.

McPhie Family said...

so funny! I love that you need to smell the coffee and leave the crack alone!

Jillian said...

wow whit you are in quite a state. i knew the drug was bringin you down.

ben and whitney shafer family said...

yeah jillian, i wasn't going to tell anyone, but...

Anonymous said...

I'm not digging this game...this was the number one for John.

John Needs Operation After Hooker Bites Penis For Non-Payment.