Monday, July 2, 2007

carter and cookies

at the beginning of june, joel, kadin and i took a little jaunt on a plane over to washington to visit kadi, ben's sister, and her husband, joel, and their two boys, carter and mason. unfortunately, ben had to stay home to work like mad on his thesis. we had such a great time. joel and carter are best buds. all week long before we left for our trip, he kept reminding me that we were going to go on an airplane to carter's house. when kadi picked us up at the sea-tac airport, joel literally screamed with glee when he saw carter and then carter screamed back. it was hilarious. we also went to stay with ben's parents, who just live about an hour and a half away from kadi and joel. here's grandpa mike pulling kadin around in the wagon.
joel loves grandma shawn and he ESPECIALLY loves for her to make him cookies! so, of course, grandma shawn had to make a couple batches of cookies.

here's joel rolling the peanut butter cookie dough ball in the sugar.

...and here he is after putting it on the cookie sheet. my child is such a gourmet!


janaya said...

aaaaaaaaaaah! i miss you guys so much!!

Lark said...

cute wagon picture! Glad you had another fun adventure, although without husband. I love Seattle in the summer - its gorgeous.

Kadi said...

Seriously such cute kids! I can't wait to see you all again. I think my favorite pic is of Joel right after he has put the peanut butter cookie on the tray. His expression is priceless...I can just hear him say, "I make cookies with Grandma!" I just love you guys!

Summer Adams said...

Sounds fun! That looks like a gorgeous area with all the green trees in the background!

Bybees said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you found me! Cat mentioned you had a blog and I kept bugging her to send me the link so I could see your cute boys, but I guess it wasn't a priority. . .I love getting back in touch with old friends. So guess who is in my new ward out her in Cincinnati? Good old Ben and JR Mizukawa from the Colony bishopric. Too funny. They are working on their fourth kid, amazing what seven years can do! Congrats on the marathon, by the way. Keep in touch!