Saturday, August 25, 2007

master of acoustics

i've always thought that a master's degree would be the coolest degree to get because you could say, "i'm a MASTER of... (insert degree here)," the way that he-man gets to say that he's the "master of the universe." as previously posted, ben just graduated with his master of science in acoustics. he officially graduates in december, but he walked at graduation last week. his siblings, doug and kadi, joined him in the ceremonies. it was totally a fun week of festivities with both sides of our family. ...and a totally awesome week of taking millions and millions of pictures. and here they all are...

probably our last visit to BYU's marriot center for a long time... sniffle, sniffle

hail the conquering graduates!

shafer silliness

ben and doug working it in those sexy robes

me and ben with my parents

the graduates with their parental units

in front of tucanos - arguably the most delicious top sirloin and garlic steak in the world... let's just say that they are masters' of the meat universe

carter and joel playing with cars... they are being so good, but let me just throw this equation out for ya: graduation + kids = not fun

ben working the runway

the busath clan

the shafer clan

check out the "hood" that the masters students get to wear - very stylish

and finally... our excited, little family ready to embark on a new adventure and definitely ready to not be so poor anymore... oh wait, we are moving to california's bay area... we'll still be poor, but excited nonetheless :)


Amber, TJ, and Kate said...

Congrats! Where in the bay area are you living? My family lives in Walnut Creek/Dannville area. They love it there!

The Wright Family said...

You guys are such a cute family and Whitney, I can't believe your running... you're tough! Congrats! I'm sure your sooo happy! Did I read on Morgan's blog that your expecting Whit? If you are that's double congrats for you! I can't believe that you are moving now - I guess now we'll have an excuse to never see each other, right?


Megan said...

Horray for employment! Boo on moving (the packing, etc.) :).

Kadi said...

Oh what fun! Seriously, why is such a blast to with you guys? Oh, because you're awesome. I'm already seriously missing everyone. I'm so proud of you Ben! You are the best! Way to go on the degree and the job. Great job Whit, Joel and Kadin too for getting through these years! I love you guys so much!

Lark said...

Congrats again! Thanks for sharing the cute pics. And congrats on the job! How fun you'll be back in CA...I miss CA! Good luck with getting things in order for the move! You'll be busy but you can do it. Have fun.

Jackie said...

What a fun week... high fives for graduations, master of the universe titles, and new jobs!!

Madsen Family said...

Whit--Congratulations to you and Master Shafer! It is always such good times when husbands finish school and get real jobs. But why, oh why, are you moving to California?? Did you know that is clear across the country from New York? And now I can't even see you on those rare occasions that I do when I'm in Utah. I do fear I will NEVER see you again. Sigh, sob. And what's this I read about you being prego? You must confirm or deny the rumors. Well, again, congrats to you all....and don't be long with the announcements:)

The Lambs said...

Congrats on the job and cute announcements and running and you are busy!!! We'd love to end up in Cali too some day- we'll see. I just finished watching an old CAW DVD and had great memories seeing you as the little girl in journey and in the next year with morgan tying the knot with bob in mexican. Those were such fun days. Now away from BYU for you- soak up these last few weeks on the Provo river trail! Those mountains are priceless!

Thayerclan said...

Congrats to Ben for graduating!! We're excited for you to start this new chapter in life. We will miss you!