Saturday, November 7, 2009

the grandpa pjs

with each new baby, i get excited to pull these rad jammies out of the storage box. kadi and i bought these when joel and carter were babies. joel wore them, kadin wore them and now oliver is sportin' them. and if we ever have a girl someday, she'll wear them, too.

i must not have taken a picture of kadin in the grandpa pjs, which seriously makes me want to cry, but here's a cute picture of him in jammies at about the same age.

carter on the left, joel on the right with kadi. joel and oliver look A LOT alike as babies... if it wasn't for oliver's blue eyes, i would almost have a hard time telling them apart.


Andrew said...

Oh boy, those are adorable. Are you guys ready to run or what! We're excited to see you both. Oh and this is Katie.

Becki Becki Bo Becki said...

Love the pjs, and the family photos are great! What a good lookin' fam!

joshandemily said...

Super cute jammies! They wouldn't be nearly as cute if your boys weren't so darling! Excited to see you guys this weekend!!

Kevin and Celeste Christiansen said...

I can't ever get over Oliver's eyes. And I love the pjs.