Monday, November 30, 2009

auction for emily jones

many of you may have heard about the tragic accident that claimed john jones in the nutty putty cave in utah last week. ben and i were lucky enough to know john and his wife, emily... we were in the same ward at BYU before we moved out to california a couple of years ago. john and emily were the most amazing couple... with the most contagious smiles and so full of love and faith. truly marvelous people.

my heart aches for emily, who is left without her best friend to care for their fourteen-month-old daughter, lizzie, and unborn child. my heart also aches for the family, especially john's mother and father. i cannot even imagine the sorrow of losing a spouse or a child. my brother, joel, passed away when i was a senior in high school from a tragic accident and now that i am a parent of my own children, i can see but a tiny glimpse of the pain my parents have been through and what john's parents must be going through now. you can read the family's statement here.

stephanie over at a daily scoop is hosting an auction all this week to raise money to donate to the john and emily jones memorial fund. head on over to check out the first auction and keep checking back this week to see lots more. some of my stenciled onesies are going to be up for auction. pass the word along if you would please! if you don't see anything you would like to bid on and you would like to contribute to the fund, click here. you can also email stephanie at if you would like to contribute something to be auctioned. hopefully we can raise a good amount of money for emily and her little ones. what better gift can we give this christmas season?


heather said...

I just barely heard of this auction and am so grateful that people are doing this for them! I'll definitely go by and look at the items! Thanks for passing the word along.

Michal Thompson said...

I cried reading about this. My brother nate was a speelunking rescuer. He rescued someone from that very spot once. So sad.