Monday, April 16, 2007

boys, boys, and more boys

last week, ben's sister, kadi, and her two boys, carter and mason, stayed with us for a few days. here's mason cuddling with joel's husky. kadi needs to get this kid a stuffed animal!

a tub full of boys! mason was too little to get in there with them, but maybe next time... :)

and more boys... here's our friends, james and mandy, with their little guy, corbin. totally precious little dude.

and more boys... asher visited us a couple times during the week. he's totally fascinated by the older boys running around him. watch out morgan, he'll be booking around the room in no time. joel and carter were inseparable. here they are reading to each other. they're totally best buds!

kadin doing the "busath stare" and mason just being happy and cute.

carter and joel pretending like they are taking naps. really they are watching the movie "cars."

although, it looks like kadin is hitting mason, he's really patting his head. kadin is such a sweet little dude. he loves to tap heads with babies to "give loves."

and last but not least... classic mason. such a cutie pie.


Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

you got to love all those boys! I can't get over how cute Mason in with his huge smile.

I didn't know that James came to visit, or that he had a baby. So fun!

Jackie said...

Priceless. Those boys are adorable!

Gretchen&Robert said...

Hi Whitney. Your sister Morgan found my blog through Summer's, and so now I got to see yours. Yay! Such fun! What a darling fam! And I'm so jealous of your marathong trainings with your sisters. That sounds like so much fun. Good luck with the big race!

McPhie Family said...

I'm so glad you found us! You're boys are so adorable! And I have that crib skirt on Drake's crib. What great tast you have! ;) I don't know yet about Santa Cruz, I know Jean didn't reserve a spot, but for some reason she thinks we can still get one.? We'll see. Please check on us, and we'll check on you! ~ Kristin

Jillian said...

Ummm this is adorable. Mason = SO CUTE! I love all those little boys.