Wednesday, January 5, 2011


we headed up to the oakland zoo the week before christmas to visit the zoolights exhibit. i saw some 2 for 1 tickets on one of those groupon type sites, so i thought we would give it a whirl... we are terrible at getting out and doing fun stuff as a family around the holidays, so i thought if i purchased the tickets, it would actually happen. success!!

there's a train ride that goes around the whole park to look at all the lights, although i was a little annoyed to find out that the tickets to ride the train were NOT included in the tickets to get in the park to see the lights. it was still worth it, though, because the train was a HUGE hit with all 3 boys. so even though we ended up spending more than we anticipated on this activity, i would recommend it, especially if you have crazy train-loving children like mine.

sadly, i didn't take a picture of us on the train, but here's a couple of shots of joel and kadin on the car ride.

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