Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sniff, sniff... the surfer locks are gone

so i finally submitted to cutting joel's hair... ben made me do it. :)

here's the before:

here's the after:

i forgot to take a before shot of kadin's hair, but it looks pretty much the same. i keep his hair pretty short because it's so stick-straight and fine, but he's darling anyway...


Jackie said...

Rest in peace, long luscious locks.

Morgan said...

he does look so cute with long hair. mean mean ben! he still looks super cute though. jillian is sitting here with me and she says kadin looks like a thug! a cute one though.

Ben Shafer said...

For everyone reading and leaving a comment on this particular blog, let me quote my marvelously observant sister-in-law from her comment in the previous blog entry:

"joelie looks like a pretty little girl"

Um...wait, lets read it again:

"joelie looks like a pretty little girl"
"joelie is a pretty little girl"
"joelie is a girl"

Life is hard enough without having to deal with gender-confusion. In my defense, I'm just trying to save my boy some grief and frustration over his identity.

It was cute till it reached American-Girl-Doll length.

Really, though, you bloggers ROCK! We could write an enormous family history book based solely on these blogs.

Laters gators!