Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the marathon has been conquered!

so, my marathon report is shamefully overdue. for those who are not updated on my life, my family and i ran the ogden marathon on may 19th. it was great fun and i'm already trying to decide which marathon i will tackle next. i have to say, my favorite thing about the whole experience was sharing it with my family. they all did so well and i'm so proud of them... and the family members that didn't run were the most FABULOUS cheerleaders! so here's an introduction to "team busath":

here we all are running together somewhere near the beginning. we are all very fashionable in matching yellow tank tops and my dad has a coordinating shirt with yellow down the sides. don't we look great? :)

bill - the paternal unit:
finishing at 5 hours 5 minutes and 37 seconds. my dad is soooo awesome. he's always been a good runner and he probably could have kicked all of our trash time-wise, but he stayed with all my sisters right to the end.

finishing at 4 hours 19 minutes and 10 seconds. i really like this picture of me because it makes me look like i'm schooling those girls behind me. haha! :)

morgan - my inspiration:
finshing at 5 hours 5 minutes and 29 seconds. here's morgan waving like she's miss america! i was so impressed with morgan because she had just had a baby and had like zero experience running when we started training and she totally did it. she's pretty much totally awesome.

jillian - the speed queen:
finishing at 5 hours 5 minutes and 28 seconds. all throughout our training jillian was always leaving us in the dust. she's a pretty fast runner ...well, by our standards. :) i love this picture of jillian because she looks so triumphant - like she's just finished a marathon or something. :) jillian's pretty much totally wicked awesome, as well.

hailey - the amazing:
finshing at 5 hours 5 minutes and 35 seconds. this picture of hailey totally cracks me up. :) i have to say, i was MOST impressed with hailey. she's 16 years old ...and she gets up at 4:00am every other day to do a paper route ...and she goes to ballet class like three times a week ...and she's in a performing group that practices two times a week for several hours ...and she goes to school everyday, etc, etc, etc... wow, this girl is also completely awesome.

so, i have to share this one funny story. around mile 4 or 5, we were literally like 100 yards from the porta-potties and this lady just dropped her pants about 2 feet from the side of the road to go pee. i'm talking full on frontal nudity shot. she totally didn't even squat down before she pulled her shorts down. she couldn't wait to get to the johns, i guess, nor could she wait until she got behind the trees that were only 10 feet away from her. we were all totally shocked. it was pretty hilarious. the best part was that this random lady running next to me, turns to us and says, "where's a camera phone when you need one?" amen sista. then again, i'm not sure i want a picture of a naked lady peeing. eeeeww!

here we are at the finish line. i remember thinking around mile 20 or so, "why do i like doing this again?" so, needless to say, we are all very relieved that we don't have to run anymore... today. :)


McPhie Family said...

You girls are all so awesome! And of course your dad too! ;) Congratulations!!

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

thanks for the compliment whit. But next time, I won't have those excuses to explain my crappy time, so I am going to have to pick up the pace! Man I love our fam!!

Molly said...

Hey Whitney!! So great hearing from you. What a pleasant surprise! OK--you are my hero for running a marathon. That's on my life goal list. I want to do the Provo River Trail half marathon in August and I'm also doing another half marathon in October w/my sister out in Michigan. I need to get my butt in gear! What a fun family bonding amazing thing to do. I am so impressed.
Your boys are so darling. And YOU look amazing. I really like your hair dark. That photo of you "so tuckered out" --after church...is amazing. Your boys have a cute mom!Ok--this comment is getting long. You should email me so we can catch up more on our lives and all the MDTers. mollymjackson@gmail.com
I want to know more about this Shabby Apple thing. Those dresses are so cute!

Bill & Lisa Busath said...
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Bill & Lisa Busath said...

It's about time you posted about the marathon - we've all been waiting! I have loved reading Morgan and Jillian's perspective on the event -- and now yours! You were truly the inspiration for your sisters and dad -- and maybe even me for some future marathon ;) -- we'll see! GO TEAM BUSATH! Love, Mom

Megan said...

I can't even comprehend running that far! WOW!

buhlersdayoff said...

NICE WORK!! I am totally impressed with the time. We started out with a half marathon which was good because my knee was annoying but I almost wish we would have done the full because now I am enjoying not having to run everyday etc!! You guys are amazing though!! I love the picture of your little one snuggling!! You guys look so cute!!
Sarah (morgan's working buddie)
ps I totally knew it was you on my blog...thanks for the comments!!

Alexandra and Benjamin said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed, Whitney! Good job! It is so amazing that you all did it together. When is your next one? There is a beautiful marathon route here in Santa Barbara. You should do it! You can crash with us.

Summer Adams said...

that is AMAZING!!!! i loved all the pics and what a huge accomplishment. i'm afraid i would make 5 miles and then fall flat on my face and would be unrevivable ;-) ha! i hate to run. i do it only to burn calories in desperate moments of self-loathing, ha ha ha. i wish i loved it like you do! you guys look awesome!

The Richardsons said...

Wow Whit, you look awesome! I was looking at your blog with my sister and I was like "See! Whitney is my inspiration, she is so in shape! I am going to get in shape. I'll do anything. Except maybe run a marathon..." Maybe I'll just stick with Yoga. :) Congrats on your marathon!