Thursday, March 8, 2007

naked on a beach

so, this was a few months back, but i was just looking at pictures and reminiscing about the trip to hawaii that ben and i took right after thanksgiving. good times. the first real trip that ben and i have taken together with out any kids since our honeymoon four years ago. i highly recommend doing this, especially if you have children and feel at any time that you want to slit your throat because there's just no peace in your life anymore (i do love my children and love the craziness, but everyone needs a break, right?). so here we are at hanauma bay after a delightful afternoon snorkeling. and here is the man who gave us one of the highlights of our visit to hanauma bay. "oh my gosh, is this a nude beach?"

although, it's tempting to lie, i must reveal that he was not actually naked, but was, in fact, sporting a speedo, which is almost just as bad, if you ask me. i did swim competitively growing up, so i do appreciate a fine looking man in a speedo, but not at the beach and definitely not this man. bless him, where ever he may be, for giving us a good laugh. here's a shot of us on a beach on the north shore. the one on the right is at the laie temple. it was a great trip - very relaxing and totally fun. plus, i got to come home to utah in the dead of winter with a wicked tan. :)


Jackie said...

Darn you and your wicked mid-winter tan!! But I'm so glad you guys had a blast. Long live Hawaii.

Olson Family said...

All I have to say is: sexy, SEXY, and more sexy!!

janaya said...

the best part is that you actually figured out he wasn't naked... if this was my view of him and i wasn't sure, you better believe i'd be staying "unsure"... no peeking around the log for me. :)